Shenzhen, China | Oct. 30. 2017

Warp United and TutorsQ today announced a strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions designed to leverage Point of Care Ultrasound and Point of Learning enable doctors to learn and utilize ultrasound faster than ever before. With the partnership, Warp United, the pioneer mHealth manufacturer, and TutorsQ, the innovative ultrasound teaching and learning platform, will seamlessly connect to enable an entirely new level of ultrasound applications. 

Shenzhen China | Oct. 23., 2017

Warp United is proudly introducing MedLion™ High Speed MRI Coils to the market with CE certificate. 


Shenzhen, China | Oct. 13., 2017

Warp United today announced an upgraded Valkan 3 Medical Tablet that strengthens Warp 3 Medical Recorder to full mobile operation, including ambulance and outdoor medical service. 

The upgrades of the seven-inch android device focus on optimal mobility while still packing a performance punch. The ingress protection rate is now IP33, extended the operation from inside medical facility to ambulance and outdoor medical aid. Alongside protection, the upgrades also provide stronger graphic process up to 4K HD video output for better medical imaging capacity.



In most areas of the mobile internet, the development in China is faster than the developed countries in Europe and the United States, the market penetration to be more in-depth. The Electronic Engineering Times specially interviewed Kilo Liang, co-founder and CEO of Shenzhen Warp United Scientific Co., Ltd., a mobile medical company in Shenzhen, to understand the progress of their company and some of the problems encountered in this industry.

Shenzhen China | Sep. 04., 2017

After the CE certification of Warp 3 Medical Recorder, Warp United is introducing SanStar WS-3A with EN60601-1 conformity. The new embedded Android motherboard SanStar WS-3A is developed from the platform of Warp 3 Medical Recorder to creates a broad ecosystem for the next generation medical device. The goal is that engineers can connect their own modules to the motherboard via 2 x RS232, 8 x USB, 1 x isolated LAN port and other 20 different types of interfaces. With its exceptional designs, the SanStar WS-3A works to two independent display or one 4K resolution screen. It has been designed specially for smart devices, medical imaging and communication with performance-intensive applications at the minimum R&D cost and pre-market time.

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