Shenzhen China | Sep. 04., 2017

After the CE certification of Warp 3 Medical Recorder, Warp United is introducing SanStar WS-3A with EN60601-1 conformity. The new embedded Android motherboard Sanstar WS-3A is developed from the platform of Warp 3 Medical Recorder to creates a broad ecosystem for the next generation medical device. The goal is that engineers can connect their own modules to the motherboard via 2 x RS232, 8 x USB, 1 x isolated LAN port and other 20 different types of interfaces. With its exceptional designs, the Sanstar WS-3A works to two independent display or one 4K resolution screen. It has been designed specially for smart devices, medical imaging and communication with performance-intensive applications at the minimum R&D cost and pre-market time.

With the availability of these medical motherboards in mass production, developing any new products on Android operating system is much easier. SanStar WS-3A Android Medical Motherboard targets graphics and/or processing intensive medical devices in a wide range, as a back-end processing block and as a GUI controller for a variety of medical devices. The R&D teams will only need to add their own signal processing or mechanical modules to one of the interfaces. Startup companies and teams can now benefit from a reduced total cost of whole system R&D. 

Larry Lay, MS, Vice President for platform development, commented:"SanStar Motherboard is an extended product from Warp 3 project. Bio-medical engineers may have good experience in all kinds of medical signal process, but developing the basic operating system is time consuming. For a long time, we have planned to introduce an universal smart motherboard for modern operating system like Android and Linux with medical regulatory conformity. We have confidence that this motherboard will help many bio-engineers, especially startups, to develop their own product quicker."

The new Android motherboard SanStar WS-3A is available now and supports Android 5.1.

About Warp United

Warp United Scientific Co., Ltd. is a pioneer Chinese Health 2.0/Point-of-Care medical technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, China that designs, develops, and sells medical electronics, software, and online services. The company's hardware products include Warp™ Medical Recorder, Volans™ Vital Sign Module and Urxa™ Ultrasound Module. Medical software and online service include the Warp United™ cloud EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and productivity suites. 

Warp United was founded by Kilo LIANG and Dongdong ZHENG in April 2013. The founding partnership of doctors and engineers are driven by a goal in medical information infrastructure, data management, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Warp United committed to improving access to healthcare data stream and supporting the front-line healthcare around the globe. 

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