Shenzhen, China | Apr. 24. 2017 

Warp United, a Health 2.0/Point-of-Care Solution Company, announced today that it will receive a national award from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Torch Program. The award will support Warp United's launch into the global medical marketplace.

In size, scale and business results China's Torch Program from MOST (the Ministry of Science and Technology) is the best entrepreneurial program on the planet. Of all national development programs, Torch is the one that was run like a startup – emphasizing and turning as it learned and found. This empowered Torch to advance with China's quickly worldwide economy.

Warp United will use this funding to help launch the first working medical tricorder-like product in the world that provides doctors with a handheld device for diagnose patients anywhere. The Warp 3 Medical Recorder will facilitate the quick and thorough diagnostic with internet access for the primary care, rural medical service and medical relief.   

"Warp United will facilitate the doctors of new, compact, light-weight, multi-functional, and internet accessible medical device," said Dongdong Zheng, VP of Sales and Marketing/ Co-Founder. 

"We will use our proven effective diagnostic platform to expand into the primary care and bring doctors who need low-cost and compact diagnostic devices together with patients who need more flexible and quicker healthcare. We're thrilled to have been selected as an awardee by the Torch Program and look forward to bringing an additional option to the medical device marketplace sooner, given our award."

About Warp 3 Medical Recorder

The Warp 3 Medical Recorder delivers Vital Sign, Ultrasound and Cloud based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) in a compact, smart, point of care system for doctors, nurses and paramedics. It’s a device mostly for primary care doctors to diagnose and rule-out patients at the point of care, especially when they are far from any medical facilities.

Full Warp 3 Medical Recorder information

About Torch Program

The Torch Program, founded in 1988, is a guidance program for developing new/high tech industries in China. It was approved by the State Council and is implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The purposes of the program are to implement the strategy of "promoting the development of the country with science and education", carry out the general policy of reform and opening to the outside world, bring into full play the advantages and potential of China’s scientific and technological forces, take market for orientation, promote the commercialization of new/high tech achievements, industrialization of new/high tech good and internationalization of new/high tech industries.

About Warp United

Warp United Scientific Co., Ltd. is a pioneer Chinese Health 2.0/Point-of-Care medical technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong that designs, develops, and sells medical electronics, software, and online services. The company's hardware products include the Warp Medical Recorder, VolansTM Vital Sign Module and UrxaTM Ultrasound Module. Medical software and online service include the Warp UnitedTM cloud EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and productivity suites.  


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