Shenzhen, China | Nov. 27. 2016

Warp United Scientific Co., Ltd. ("Warp United") won the "Excellent Enterprise" award in the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2016, Bio-Medical section.

Warp United Receives "Excellent Enterprise" Award in China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2016

The competetion, which's final stage was held in Xiamen, China, was launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology of scientific, to help start-up technology enterprises and teams to stand out with their innovation and entrepreneurship.

Officially launched in April 2016, there were more than 100,000 companies and teams signed up, among which 128 winning enterprises and 6 winning teams were selected nationwide. The "Excellent Enterprise" award, voted by the jury of medical professional & investors in terms of innovation and commercialization. Warp United was awarded because of the Warp 3 Medical Recorder project, a multi-function point-of-care solution for primary care personnel and institute. Warp United is also the only medical device company winning this award.

About Warp 3 Medical Recorder

The Warp 3 Medical Recorder delivers Vital Sign, Ultrasound and Cloud based EHR (Electronic Health Record) in a compact, smart, point of care system for doctors, nurses and paramedics. It’s a device mostly for primary care doctors to diagnose and rule-out patients at the point of care, especially when they are far from any medical facilities. 

Full Warp 3 Medical Recorder information

About Warp United

Warp United is a point-of care solution company focused on the development and commercialization of handheld solution, software and hardware, to help doctors to provide medical service. Founded in 2013, situated in Shenzhen, China, by Kilo LIANG, MD and Dongdong Zheng, MD, Warp United is led by experienced experts in the medical device and practice. The Company’s first certified and commercially available product is Warp 3 Medical Recorder, a multi-purpose point-of-care solution with vital sign and ultrasound.  

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