Shenzhen, China | Nov. 19. 2015

Warp United is pleased to announce its partnership with LABA (Libera Academia Di Belle Arti) with their first and only University Master (50 ECTS) at an international level in Brescia. Re-design Medicine- is a revolutionary way on training new professionals in the world of health across the globe. 

Dr. Kilo Liang MD., CEO/ Co-Founder of Warp United and the man behind the concept of Warp Medical Recorder, will be one of the lecturers, who will key-note his opinion and idea on the future of medicine.  Dr. Liang will share his thoughts on connecting the gap of existing technology and futuristic medical solutions that targets our medical professionals. Inspired by science fiction and professional insight, he will detail his methodologies and principles on how a fictional device can actually be real amidst all existing last generation medical devices that has yet to be proven efficient or, functional and effective.

LABA designed and structured the course to provide the participants with a high professional training and practice throughout the project. They have invited several high caliber institutional and business partners who will assist and provide education to participants of The Master. 

Institutional Partners: 

Fab Lab (Torino, Italy)

CampusD (Seoul, Korea)

OpenBioMedical Initiative Italia (Global)  

Shenzhen Polytechnic (Shenzhen, China) 

Business Partners: 

bNova (Massa Carrara, IT)

Kanteron System (Valencia, Spain)

Konica Minolta (Londra, UK)

Suisse Life Science S.A (Lugano, CH)

Warp United Scientific Co. (Shenzhen, China) 

It will be a unique and challenging opportunity to all participants to be part of something bigger in the world of healthcare in digital era. As much of the technology nowadays focuses on reinventing healthcare- to revolutionize, improve and reduce cost without jeopardizing quality and efficiency. 

About Warp United

Warp United is a medical device company intended to build the next generation of medical equipment. Located strategically in Shenzhen High Tech park is among China's five state-level high-tech parks. And we're uniquely positioned to incorporate any useful concepts into our product development process with an open, willing approach.

Rallied a group of qualified MDs, major medical manufacturers and researchers to work on futuristic medical solutions, such as Warp Medical Recorder project and Hospital wireless live videos, we are dedicated to the invention based on existing technology and redefine doctor's clinical working experience. Warp united’s focus is on the next generation of medical devices which will bring future technologies to the hands of today's medical professionals.

About LABA

Libera Academia Di Belle Arti (LABA, of Brescia, is legally recognized, qualifies as an Institute of Higher Education in Art, who combine the strength of traditional to innovative power of the most advanced artistic research. To date, exceeded the decade since its founding, it has become with its 1,200 members, a reference point not only for the city of Brescia, but for the whole country.

LABA offer a training proposal that is divided into the three-year and two-year specialist; for the graduation of the first and second level, Master of first level academic and free courses. It is constantly cared for direct contact with the art world through the meeting with leading cultural figures of our time in an initiative called "Meet the artist", which over the years has seen famous guests. Then there are the "Special projects", involving the construction of public works, restoration of buildings and monuments and street furniture, commissioned through agreements by organizations and institutions.


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